What is Zibz

Zibkids empowers kids and families to experience entrepreneurship in a fun, educational way. Our tools and content make it easy for kids to start REAL age-appropriate businesses. And the are free -- and ad free.


Zibz are NOT web-games where kids spend hours staring at a computer screen. Zibz are real businesses kids start in the real world! Zibkids offers web-based tools to help kids start their businesses --- like a profit tracker (that helps kids figure out how profitable they are) and  a business card maker (kids can choose their logo and title, print and cut out).  


Here are some of the Zibz available. We add more all the time.

FREE Lemonade Stand
Finger Puppet Theater  
Temporary Tattoo Parlor  
Duct Tape Wallet Factory Store  
Premium Lemonade Stand  
Jewelry Design Studio