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Zibkids.com presents loads of opportunities for the classroom. Zibkids is a total experience. This website is just a jumping-off point. Zibz are projects you can do in the classroom. Teachers can build entire modules - - resulting in kids creating their own business in class or on the playground.And we make it EASY with online tools and these helpful Kids-Start-Yout-Own-Business Guides just bursting with learning opportunities of all sorts:Zibkids activities bring out SO much learning. Here are just a few.



Figuring out how much a product costs, total profit, the most profitable product and so much more.


Creative and Persuasive Writing

Advertising copy, Website copy, Naming the business and the products.


So Much More

Planning , Creativity , Responsibility, Looking people in the eye, Strong handshakesEach Zib can be used as individual, partner, group, class or school projects. Or teachers can pick smaller elements and create fun standard based projects out of them. 1. Sign up your students/class for Zibkids.com and start learning. We have several Zibs (and more coming soon) 


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